Helin (Henry) Cao



Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 8

Bonn, 53115

Hi There! I’m Helin Cao (in Chinese: 曹贺淋). You can also call me Henry.

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the Center for Robotics at the University of Bonn and the Lamarr Institute for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, with Prof. Sven Behnke of Autonomous Intelligent Systems group. I am lucky to be a part of Team NimbRo@Home, which participated in multiple international competitions.

Before that, I spent three wonderful years during my master program at Technical University of Munich, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I’m honored to be advised by Prof. Matthias Niessner and Prof. Eckehard Steinbach during my master thesis at Visual Computing Group.

My research interests lie in the perception and understanding of 3D environments for robotics. Specifically, I am interested in:

  • Representation Learning on Scene Completion;
  • Uncertainty Study on Scene Completion
  • Generative model for 3D Scene;
  • Embodied Artificial Intelligence.

I am incredibly thankful to my collaborators and mentors, and enjoy exploring new domains through collaborations. If you have questions or would like to work together, feel free to reach out through email!


Jul 21, 2024 Our team NimbRo@Home won the RoboCup@Home Open Platform League (OPL) competitions of RoboCup2024 in Eindhoven, NL.
Jan 31, 2024 SLCF-Net has been accepted at ICRA 2024.
Jul 08, 2023 Our team NimbRo@Home reached the 4th place in the RoboCup@Home Open Platform League (OPL) competitions of RoboCup2023 in Bordeaux, FR.
Oct 01, 2022 I start my Ph.D study today! :smile:
May 10, 2022 I finished my master thesis adviced by Prof. Matthias Niessner and get my master’s degree with distinction from Technical University of Munich!

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